Linda has been a constant source of support and a highly valued resource for me since I moved from the UK to Africa. Working remotely she has advised on how best to approach nutrition in a new environment, and then throughout my recent pregnancy and postpartum. The supplements she has prescribed have improved symptoms I’ve been suffering for years. I trust she is always informed with the latest research and i value her personal approach to therapeutic care.
Rose Hawk

I approached Linda for help with some health issues I was having as I had heard a talk she gave on nutritional therapy and had already started changing my diet as a result. Linda provided me with a detailed plan, after having had a consultation, which provided me with a holistic and  science-based approach to my health and diet which incorporated my specific needs. As a performance and wellbeing coach and dancer I was looking for a practitioner to help me with my  optimum performance with a holistic approach that covered diet and mindset. Linda’s knowledge and person centred style really provided a fabulous way for me to start to make lifestyle and nutritional changes in a way that worked with my requirements. On occasion I knew for example that eliminating certain foods and drink would be tricky but I soon learnt with Linda’s help that is was less about missing a certain food group and more about gaining a new way of enhancing my body’s needs. Since working with Linda I have lost weight to be more healthy, I have more energy, I keep being mistaken for a younger woman and I really enjoy my diet and shopping for it. I have even set up a dance business alongside coaching. I can’t recommend Linda enough

Sarah Clark

I still believe that I would not be in the amazing place that I am in now without this beautiful lady.  She has never judged me in any way and has always listened to what is important to me and has taken the time to find out about me as a whole person.  This is so important especially when implementing change in your life, change that you need to stick to.  Linda is able to find a way to ensure that you are giving your body the best chance that it could possibly have.  She has guided and educated me on changes that I needed to make and I feel that she has been my biggest support through all of this as she really gets where I am coming from but she is also honest and straight forward which is what I needed.  She really has a passion for her job and the people that she supports, and her support often goes well beyond what she is paid for, I text her regularly for her views, reassurance or to just confess when I have strayed off the path a bit.

Sarah Bartram

Linda is an exceptional practitioner – she has an incredible knowledge base combined with a caring and empathetic approach
Meredy Birdi

Recently put in contact with Linda after being diagnosed with cancer
She straight away shown interest in me and my condition 
Her great knowledge shone out and immediately she was involved with supporting me with nutritional plans and information 
But was also interested in my progress through my diagnosis and treatment
Not just someone who wants to sell you something but someone who cares about your process and willing to support you though this
I’m very pleased our paths crossed.
Mark Stanton

Linda is amazing and I would recommend her to anyone looking to improve their health. Linda is extremely knowledgable in her field and gave me all the knowledge I needed concerning supplements, diet and what was going on with my body as well as giving me an an extensive plan every time I visited complete with all this information as well as meal ideas and much more.
Due to all the conflicting I had received from other sources I was fairly lost in what I should be doing and nothing seemed to be working, but within days of following Linda’s advice I had noticed great improvements in my health, because of this I can not recommend her enough to anyone looking to improve their health

Linda is fantastic! She has helped me adopt a new diet and supplements to combat a newly diagnosed autoimmune illness and I can’t believe how much better I feel. Linda is a lovely lady and so knowledgeable, I would recommend her to anyone looking for help to define their diet, lose weight or become healthier without fad diets!
K Rex Passmore

Linda changed my life. With my borderline thyroid, my husband’s severe Crohn’s and four small children with multiple allergies, finding healthy meals to suit everybody’s needs was a massive struggle. We battled conventional practitioners and medicines for 4 years and finally stumbled upon Linda, who has been an absolute saviour. It was a complete revelation! Our diets now are so varied, colourful, healthy and healing. Linda’s knowledge and dedication is second to none. I would – and do – recommend her to everyone.
Vicky Hayball

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