Cancer Support

Nutritional therapy is a very valuable tool in cancer prevention and support during and post cancer treatment. Whilst there are never any promises when it comes to cancer, improving your overall health is your best strategy.

There is so much conflicting information – what to eat, what not to eat and it can be very confusing to make sense of it all. My aim is to help you navigate through this information and help you eat better, feel better and manage the side effects of cancer treatment. I will give you practical advice from stocking up your kitchen and freezer to stress reduction tips, giving you confidence to take back control.


Whether you have had a cancer in the family or are worried about your cancer risk, we can discuss nutrition and lifestyle adjustments that can help to reduce your risk of cancer.

Cancer treatment

Medical treatments come with lots of side effects and have a systemic effect on your body. Nutritional therapy during cancer treatment aims to help you maintain weight, reduce or manage side-effects and help you improve overall wellbeing.

Post treatment and in remission

The healthier you are the more you reduce your risk of recurrence. Eating well, exercising and reducing stress are all strategies that can help you improve your health outcomes.

What happens in our sessions?

We discuss your current health, diagnosis and upcoming, current or past treatments. We will talk about your diet and lifestyle, and create a nutrition and lifestyle plan that will suit your personal needs. The plan will include personalised nutritional advice, meal and supplement suggestions, lifestyle changes and comes with a healthy recipe file.

Discovery session (initial consultation) – up to 90min


Follow ups – up to 60 min


Package 1:

1 initial, 3 – 60 min follow ups – £260 (all sessions to be taken within a 4 month period)

Package 2:

1 initial, 1 follow up – £155 (all sessions to be taken within a 2 months period)


Free telephone and email support within reason.
Discount on recommended supplements


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